Friday, December 16, 2011


 Growing up here was awesome. While Mike and I had relatively different experiences as kids (Mike in St Paul, me in Minneapolis), we ultimately developed the same uniquely Minnesotan outlook on the changing of the seasons and how they impact our creative process. Winters here are dark and introspective, and we believe that the hibernation that comes with the cold is also the thing that sparks the creative explosion that Minnesota summers are famous for.

One of the most exciting aspects of continuing to live in the Twin Cities as adults has been watching our formerly pimple-faced classmates and acquaintances emerge from the directionlessness of adolescence with a voice and vision uniquely their own. Watching these styles develop independently of one another over the years has been one of the coolest things about living here, but it's when these collective voices come together that this place lives up to its true potential.

When a couple years back our long time friend Brady Kiernan called us asking if we would help out with a movie he was directing, we had no choice to say yes. Filmed primarily on locations around Minneapolis, Stuck Between Stations is a movie about coming of age in Minneapolis as much as it is about coming of age in general, it's as much about Minneapolis at night as it is about two people on an adventure, and I can honestly say that even if we hadn't played a small role in making the movie, I would still feel connected to it for its depiction of exactly what I love about living here. That having been said, the collaborative effort that it took to make this movie, and the showcasing of creative talent throughout, are all part of what makes this movie so great.

Stuck Between Stations plays from December 16th - 22nd at St Anthony Main Theater, but we're hoping it gets extended so that we can bring the out-of-towners who inevitably show up after the holidays to go see it.

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