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There are a couple of art shows that we're involved in this weekend that we figured you should know about. Jennifer Davis is also somehow, amazingly, miraculously, unbeknownst to us until recently, also in both of these exhibitions.
Roger Roger, 12x12inch mixed media, 2011.
The first is FRESH PRODUCE at Anno Domini in San Jose, California. There's over 45 artists from 14 different countries in this show, and 3 of us are from Minnesota. Broken Crow and Jennifer Davis. We've been huge fans of Jennifer's work for almost 2 decades combined (is that even possible?) and we're always excited to show alongside her. We made 5 pieces for this show, and we hope that you'll go and see them. Jennifer probably made 20, and we're sure that they're all brilliant. This is AD's 11th year of doing a holiday show of this magnitude, and we're excited to be a part of it. Here's the full lineup and gallery info:

Lina Arias (Columbia), Jason Arnold (USA), Philippe Baudelocque (France), Tyler Bewley (USA), Julie Bilyeu (USA), Christian Breitkreutz (USA), Broken Crow (USA), Lacey Bryant (USA), CAKE (USA), Liza Corbett (USA), Isaac Cordal aka Cement Eclipses (Belgium), DAL (South Africa), Jennifer Davis (USA), Daupo (USA), Mike Egan (USA), Lia Fenix (Brazil), Gilbert1 (France), Rimon Guimarães (Brazil), Hyuro (Argentina), JAZ (Argentina), Rafal Karcz (Poland), Laguna (Spain), Mark Lev (USA), Daniel Jesse Lewis (USA), Limo (France), Limon & Olson (onoffcrew), Jeremiah Maddock (USA), Dale "VN" Marshall (UK), Nuno de Matos (France), Danica Novgorodoff (USA) , Gustavo Ortiz (UK), Daryll Peirce (USA), Motel Seven (South Africa), Zéh Palito (Brazil), Noah Ptolemy (USA), Faring Purth (USA), Ro (France), Skount (Amsterdam), Barron Storey (USA), TIKA (Brazil), Jon Todd (USA), Porous Walker (USA), Dave Warnke (USA), Jake Watling (USA), Derek Weisberg (USA), Yumanzumu (Japan), Zilda (France), Zosen (Spain)

Anno Domini
366 South First Street
San Jose, CA 95113
Opening Reception: Friday, December 2, 2011

Preview: 7pm / Sale: 8-11p

more info at:

White Cocoa's portrait of Mike, work in progress, 2011.
 The second show that you should know about that opens Friday is TWO at XYandZ Gallery in Minneapolis. It's the two year anniversary of XYandZ opening its doors, and we're honored to be a part of it. We've selected White Cocoa (in progress above) and Ben LaFond for our section of wall-space, and we're hoping you'll join us at the opening. You can find out how Jennifer Davis ended up in this show here. From XYandZ about TWO:

"XYandZ has invited former exhibitors to curate their own section of the gallery by presenting two artists of their choosing: One emerging artist and one established. From internationally recognized street artists to locally-bred art darlings, the exhibit will offer a truly eclectic array of work, hand-selected by XYandZ artists."

EXHIBITING ARTISTS: buZ Blurr aka Colossus of Roads, Allan Packer, Adam Garcia, Mia Nolting, White Cocoa, Jennifer Davis, Ellen Mueller, Michael Gaughan, Oakley Tapola, Dane Klingaman, Alex Chitty, Lee Relvas, Eric Ruby, Charlie B. Ward, Ben LaFond, Brian Aldrich, Nick Howard, Paul Kaloper, David De Boer, James Boyd Brent, Rachel James, Matt Yaeger, Ryan Brink, Jesse Peterson, Vaughn Bell.

CURATORS: (former XYandZ exhibitors): Eric Burke (OverUnder/Reno, NV), John Grider & Mike Fitzsimmons (Broken Crow), Drew Peterson (Chicago, IL), Keegan Wenkman (Portland, OR), Tonja Torgerson (Syracuse, NY), Dane Johnson (Los Angeles, CA), Dan Luedtke (Chicago, IL), Brian Borlaug (Los Angeles, CA), Josh Winkler, Carrie Thompson, Anna Tsantir, Sean Connaughty, and Nate Young.

XYandZ Gallery
3258 Minnehaha Avenue South
Minneapolis MN 55406
Opening Reception: Friday, December 2nd 2011 7-10pm
more info at:

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